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NAIS Benefits

Thanks for joining usin the 2017 session at NAIS International Summer School platform. Currently,several hundred students from North American universities have applied for the 2017 NAIS program. We have prepared a set of beneficial policies for you.


If you are an NAIS studentalready, why not invite your friends to join us as well?
Once your full payment is confirmed, you will get an exclusive “invitationcode” from your Student Center. You may share the invitation code withyour friends when recommending them the NAIS International Summer School. Thereferral will get a $100(¥680)rebate, while you will get a $50 (¥340) rebate if youare one of our alumni or a$147(¥1,000)rebate if you are a new member.

2.Alumni Bonus

Old members can gain a $200 rebate if they take part in 2017 NAIS summer session

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