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First Week:Icrbreaking Party

On the first week, NAIS will host aspectacular ice-breaking Party for everyone. This party will break the icebetween all students, all about making new friends and have some fun. Also get to know University professors from different regions.

Second Week:SummerBasketball Challenge

Second week: Summer BasketballChallenge

NAIS summer school students can freely forma 3 person team. On Saturday and Sunday, we will organize a spectacular all 3V3basketball game.

First Class: Receive basketball spree provided by NAIS and a shirt signed by mystery famous player.

Second Class: Receive three pairs of basketball shoes provided by NAIS.

Third Class: Receive three basketballs provided by NAIS.

Third Week:Short Excursions

In this week, NAIS will organize professors,students and our staffs to take a fun excursion on the weekend. Everyone canvote in the first week of the summer school, excursion around the city with thehighest vote will be our final weekend fun land.  We will arrange overnight field trips;transportations and the insurance are provided NAIS.

Fourth Week: Sing, Play, and Relax

Young artists do not miss this week's themeParty. Students are interest in ballad can listen to music; sing for your loveones. Hangout and relax with friends, talk about the bright future. We willalso invite some professional elites to join the event, to tell his life story.Maybe provide some perfect solution for your future learning and careerconfusion.

Fifth Week:Goodbye Party

Finally to the last week, we have to say goodbye to you. All endings are new beginnings,after farewell let’s prepare for our next reunion. Because your attention, wewill always work hard. About the future, we look forward to it!

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