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The students’ transcripts are printed and issued by the educational administration of each NAIS' host university. The transcript will be placed in an envelope with the official seal of the host university as a sealing stamp. For students of all campuses, transcripts will be sent out after 2 weeks of graduation (please contact our course consultant if you need to postpone the transcript delivery). All transcripts will be sent out by express, and arrive within 4-5 business days. Students can check their personal accounts on NAIS official website for the tracking numbers. 

Mailing Address 

The host universities of NAIS will directly send out all the transcripts to students’ home universities. Please provide us with the CORRECT mailing address, zip code, and the recipient's name and telephone number in the information form, and verify information above to ensure it’s CORRECT

Request a Transcript

If you need additional copies of the transcript ($80 or¥544), please contact our course consultant by calling 021-55696658 or 17091959777 or sending an email to If all the copies are enclosed in an envelope to the same address, you only need to pay $50 or¥340 for delivery.   

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